A vibrant neighbourhood – for shopping, sport or simply strolling along the Weser river.

With the Designhotel ÜberFluss, its owners and architects pay homage to their home city of Bremen. But when our guests arrive, we know that most want to see more than just the hotel. So that the unique experiences of “our” city can be enjoyed, we have compiled personalised recommendations and one or two secret hints.

Your Guide to Bremen from the Designhotel ÜberFluss team!

There is plenty to discover on the Schlachte promenade along the Weser river –
Explore our immediate neighbourhood

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Am Brill
Transport connections in all directions. From here you can reach Bremen’s Neustadt district by bus or tram. Or the city centre, the main railway station or the Überseestadt district.
Weserpromenade Schlachte
Bremen’s perfect place for a stroll right by the Weser. Here, you can relax and enjoy. All culinary tastes are catered for, from restaurants to bars to ice cream parlours.
The Musicians of Bremen await you here, as well as the Bremen Rathaus (City Hall – UNESCO World Heritage Site), the cathedral and the marketplace. Be sure not to miss the Schnoorgassen and the completely inimitable Bremen Viertel district.
The pedestrian link between Schlachte and Teerhof.
Museum Weserburg
The New Weserburg Museum of international modern art awaits you.